Lake Lewisville

I bought a Lone Star fishing boat with a 7.5 hp outboard motor from our friend Dave Murphy so the boys and I could go fishing. We would leave real early before early dawn and get up to Lake Lewisville about sunup. We had about five “honey holes” that we could catch a bass every time we threw a lure into it. The boys were handling the boat and I would pull the car and trailer out of the boat ramp and onto the parking area. With that tem work we would be on the water and on our way in no time. Only one fish per hole however and we would make our rounds and I would get the boys back home in time to eat and get off to school. Charlotte would clean the fish and I would shower and get to work at Bell Telephone.

Brazos River

This was the year that Chip and I had a great escape. We spent two days canoeing down the Brazos River with his best friend Dale and his Dad Wayne. We entered at Glen Rose and spent the first night on the bank of the river and entered the north end of Lake Whitney late in the afternoon of the second day. We stopped frequently to take a swim and cool off. It was August and really hot down at the river level. Late in the afternoon of the first day, we stopped for a swim and at every stop I told the boys to wear their tennis shoes. Well, I looked over at chip and he was sitting on a big rock on a sand bar in the middle of the river and looking at the bottom of his bare foot. Of course he had not put on his tennis shoes. The blood was gushing out; because he had stepped on a broken bottle. Of course we were away from any help or medical attention being one day down the river from civilization. Wayne and I applied pressure and wrapped a skivvy shirt tightly around his foot and the bleeding stopped. No more swimming for Chip. The next day when we entered the north side of the lake, the wind was blowing from the South and we had to cross the lake from East to West to meet Charlotte who was waiting for us at Morgan Point on the West side. We had to paddle like the dickens and, if I stopped paddling, only a stroke the bow of the canoe would swing to the north. Chip and I kept at it for about an hour and finally reached the dock at Morgan Point. We were both exhausted.

Trailer Gypsies

We all had an itch to have a place on a lake and frequently took our Travel Trailer to first one lake and then another for weekend family campouts. I had gotten an offer from Micky Mantle for lots he was developing on Cedar Creek Lake. I bought one and the next weekend we decided to go to Cedar Creek for a campout. I parked on the lot I had bought but of course It was Charlotte’s birthday and I thought it would be a nice surprise.Charlotte did not know I had purchased the lot. I had let the kids in on the surprise, and they were enjoying being in on the secret. I suggested we spend the night on the lot rather than going to a public campsite. Charlotte said it was a beautiful site but we mustn’t camp on someone else’s lot. We built a campfire and as we all gathered around it I ask Charlotte what she thought of the lot. She loved it and that was when the kids sprang it on her, “It’s yours!” “Happy Birthday!!” We all enjoyed rest of the evening around the campfire on ”our lot.”

We later bought several other lots at Cedar Creek and also at Lake Cypress Springs in East Texas but never did build on any of them. We did ultimately buy a home on Texhoma that we enjoyed very much.

Photo of Lake Lewisville found here.

Photo of Brazos River found here.