In January, 1960 Charlotte stopped in at the grocery store at one of those portable x-ray units. About two weeks later we got a postcard with the results; all it said was for her to check with her doctor. We immediately went in; they did a lot more x-rays and we soon had the result. Charlotte had a tumor in her left lung. We were both devastated. Her surgery was scheduled at Baylor with the best surgeon in town. Charlotte’s brother Bill who was a doctor in San Antonio recommended him. Both Bill and her brother Bob came to Dallas to be with Charlotte. Bill was to be in the operating room with Charlotte.

White Rock Lake

The afternoon before the operation, Charlotte and I went to White Rock Lake and sat on a park bench there and had a long talk. The bench was on the Southeast side of the lake just a little north of the present Dallas Arboretum. We also had a long prayer together. Neither of us knew what to expect, but we knew it was really serious because the way they insisted she be operated on immediately. The doctor had given us very little information and Bill was worried, so he had rushed to Dallas to be with her.

We checked her into Baylor, and she was soon on her way to Pre-op. I cannot convey the emotion we felt as I kissed her just before they wheeled her through the doors and away from me. The surgeon came out after they had wheeled her in and sat down with me. He was very serious. He said he would do his very best but they would possibly have to remove the left lung and she would be in the operating room for as long as six hours. I cannot tell you how frantic I was and how helpless I felt. She was away from me and I could not do anything to help her.

Chapel at Baylor Hospital

As the doctor turned to go, I immediately went downstairs to the Chapel there in Baylor. I don’t mind telling you I was crying. I had not cried in twenty years. I got on my knees in that Chapel and prayed like I had never prayed before. Over and over I pleaded with God to intervene and help Charlotte as well as the doctors. I guess I was there about an hour and I finally went back upstairs to the waiting room. I had not been there another hour when Bill came out and he was shaking his head. I almost died on the spot. He came over and sat down and said that when they got into the operation they found the tumor, and it was attached to the back of the left lung by a small stem. The tumor was about the size of an apricot and they just snipped the stem and that was it. Bill said that they all agreed that it was obviously benign.

There is no way for anyone to ever convince me that this was a not a MIRACLE performed by GOD. We had experienced a miraculous act by an awesome God and it was an incredible experience for us. After Charlotte was in recovery Bill, Bob and I decided to go out for a little something to eat. I insisted that we all go to the Chapel first and thank God for His miracle. They reluctantly followed me there and after giving our thanks we did go eat. A week or so later we got the report that the tumor in fact was benign and we had nothing further to worry about.

Photo of White Rock Lake found here.

Photo of Baylor Hospital Chapel here.