The Telephone Company wanted their employees to be more active in community work and I complied, spending most of my efforts in Kiwanis. I was the District chairman of the “Support of Churches Committee” and also the Agriculture Chairman. I was the Kiwanis point man in producing the annual Arabian Horse Show at Fair Park and served on the board of Kiwanis. I was also the assistant scoutmaster of the troop our boys joined-Chip in 1961 and Tom in 1964; both rose to the rank of Eagle.

Their troop met at Walnut Hill Methodist Church and was a camping troop. They went on a campout every month, rain or shine. I was soon one of the Assistant Scout Masters. We had some great camp-outs and it seemed the worse the weather, the more the boys remembered them. The older boys would tell the younger ones, “You should have been with us at Van Alstyne if you think this weather is bad!” The Van Alstyne campout was in February and the temperature got down to around 10 degrees, with the boys sleeping on the ground (Dads too). Later I became the scoutmaster and then Tom joined the same troop. All three of us enjoyed our scouting days, and both of the boys went to National Jamborees and became eagle scouts.

When I was Scoutmaster, we had a really cool deal for the boys. We had a point system on which the patrols were graded. The way they left their campsites, the number of merit badges the members of the patrol were awarded, their advancement in rank, etc. were used to accumulate points all during the year. At the end of the year, the patrol that had the most points would get to enjoy a “Patrol Meeting in the Sky.” One of the Dads in the troop was the executive pilot for an oilman by the name of Constantin. Camp Constantin at Possum Kingdom Lake was named for him. Mr Constantin was generous enough to let us take the winning patrol up in his DC 3 company plane for this great experience. We flew from Love Field to Camp Texoma, to Constantin, then to the South to Scout Camp at Athens, Texas and back to Love Field. Each boy that wanted to was allowed to sit in the co-pilots seat and pilot the plane. The boys really worked for this award.

Susie when she was a Brownie

Both the boys were Cub Scouts and then Boy Scouts and Susan was a Brownie Scout in 1962 and then a Girl Scout in about 1965 or 1966. I think all the kids benefited a great deal from these programs. Charlotte was very involved with them. She was a Den Mother and I remember her playing baseball with them more than once. She participated actively with Susie in her Scout activities.

We continued to enjoy our time at Highland Park Presbyterian. Charlotte was in charge of the nursery and I was teaching a Sunday school class of 12-year-old boys. These were all boys who were sent to me when they would not mind and were disrupting their Sunday school class. I would take them across the street where there was a park. After exercising them with races I would bring them back to the classroom and give them a shot of how they should act if they were Christians. I often wondered at the time if I was doing any good, but in seven or eight years, every once in a while one of those boys would stop me in the hall of the church and tell me how much he appreciated what I had done for him. That made it all worthwhile.