Suspicious cows after move to Frisco

Our move was a lot more complicated than merely transplanting a family and all household goods from one end of Texas to the other. We also had to move the cattle up from our place near San Antonio. Cattle are creatures of habit and they sulk when they are moved. We bought 180 acres southwest of Frisco, just north of Highway 121. I had been eagerly checking the newspapers for land for sale and one morning, I saw an ad in the paper that offered 180 acres north of town near Frisco at $395 per acre. Well, I had been checking land prices, and I knew that land in that location should be more like $500 per acre.

George in the tall grass.

I called Mr. Roberts, the listing agent, and arranged to meet him at the farm that evening after 5:00. We met and he drove me all over the place. It looked real good.

I asked Mr. Roberts, “This is a nice place, what is wrong with it? Is it next to the new dump or what?”

He told me that he had listed the place a year earlier and had gotten a full price contract on it but the owner had made an end run. He had contacted the buyer directly and told him that they didn’t need an agent. They could work their deal without him. The buyer and seller got together but got into a fight, and the deal fell through. He said only yesterday the owner had called from California and asked if he could still sell the place for the same price. Roberts agreed without discussing any change in the price.

I told him that I would take the place, so he said for me to come to his office in McKinney the next day, as he had no contract forms with him. He also had an appointment to show it to some other people early the next morning.

Cows still sulking.

I said, “No, I want to buy it now”. We dug a brown paper bag from under the front seat, and drew up an agreement which we both signed. I gave him an earnest money check and he noted receipt of it on the bag. We took that to Plano Title and they acknowledged receipt of it. The owner of the title company was a friend of mine, David Fair. He prepared a closing document, and we bought the farm at a great price.