Mountain lions are found in west, south and central regions of Texas

One hot August night we were sitting in the living room in Uvalde, and all the windows and doors were open to try to get any little breeze we could. All of a sudden right out of the front door in our front yard there was a piercing scream that made our hair stand on end. I recognized that it was an animal, probably a mountain lion or cougar. Charlotte told all the children to get away from the door and windows, and I was running to the bedroom to get my 45. I grabbed it as quick as I could and was sliding in the clip, and jacking a shell into the chamber as I came running back through the house to get out the front door. The door was open so only the screen door was between the outside and me. I sailed through the living room hit the screen door, and put a big bow in the screen when I hit it. While I was getting my gun, Charlotte had latched the screen door. By the time I got the screen door opened, I could the hear the dogs barking up the street, picking up the scent as the animal made its way down the block.

I can’t blame Charlotte too much because I did even worse to her. I was always hot at night, and she was cold. I kept the window by my side of the bed open, and Charlotte kept the heat going in the boy’s room because she was afraid they would get cold like she did. Well, one winter night I woke up in the middle of the night, and it was sooo hot! I got up and closed the door from our bedroom to the hall, and opened wide the window by me. Several hours later, still in the middle of the night, one of the boys had a nightmare, and screamed out. Charlotte leaped out of the bed, and as usual started for the boy’s room at full speed. I woke up, sort of, and I knew what was going to happen, but I couldn’t wake up enough to warn her quick enough, WHAM! She hit the closed door. I turned on the light, and Charlotte was lying on her back looking up at the ceiling trying to clear her head. As she rolled over to her hands and knees, she began explaining to me why closing that door was a really dumb thing to do. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t hear her. I guess me having such a good laugh did not help the situation.

Player piano innards

We had a player piano, and when we started playing it with all the windows and doors open, you could hear it all over the neighborhood. The neighborhood kids would be playing outside and would come over to enjoy the music. A lot of the notes were not playing because so many of the tubes were leaking air, so I decided to rework the piano. I ripped all the tubes out, and took the back of the piano apart. I had parts all over the living room and the dining room. It took me about a month to put in new tubes, and get the piano back together. Charlotte was patient with me but her house was messed up for a whole month.

Photo of mountain lion found here.

Photo of player piano found here.