About a month before I graduated, all the various companies came to interview prospective employees. Out of the interviews, I had three offers, all-paying about the same. One was from Arkansas Gas with headquarters in Little Rock, another, Sears Roebuck in Dallas, and finally, Southwestern Bell Telephone Co in San Antonio. All were to start in their management training programs. Charlotte and I liked the Telephone Co the best for several reasons.

  1. Their benefit program was the best
  2. The Telephone Co had a great reputation.
  3. I was the only one out of about ten who interviewed who got an offer from them.
  4. I liked the two men who interviewed me the best.

So we went with Southwestern Bell in San Antonio. I took my last exam on a Friday, and reported to work with the Telephone Co the following Monday September 1, 1948. I told them to just mail my diploma.

My second semi-monthly pay stub: $225/month
Our mansion, 211 Marquette, San Antonio

Our starting salary was $225.00 per month, and after living on $110.00 a month for a year or so, we felt like we were rich. We sold the “Jet Job” and bought a 1947 four-door Plymouth that was brand new. We paid about $800.00 for it. We also bought a new house at 211 Marquette for $7,800.00. Our house payment was $52.28/ month including principal, interest, taxes and insurance. We bought a washing machine for $40.00, and after all that spending we were still putting $25.00 a month in savings. The house seemed huge; it had two bedrooms and one bath and 900 sq ft. We rattled around in that big house like beans in a gourd. We had to put the washing machine in the kitchen because there was no laundry room. We had a big garden in the back yard and furnished produce for all the neighbors. We were very happy in our new “mansion”.

Southwestern Bell logo found here.