I guess I was responsible for temporary tension between my Mom and her sister-in-law, Vida. One day her son, my cousin Townsend, and I were playing at our house. We were having a rubber gun fight. We used to make our own rubber guns. We cut them out of a 1”x 4” piece of wood and we shaped them like a gun. We then cut notches along the top edge. We cut our big rubber bands out of an old inner tube-all tires back then had inner tubes, there were no tubeless tires then. We would stretch these bands from the front of the gun back to hook them in one of the notches.

George 1934
Nine Years Old

Some of our guns would be single shot that stretched the band from the front of the gun to a clothespin nailed or bound to the handle. I had made myself a machine gun that had four or five notches with a heavy cord that ran under the bands along the notches. If you wanted to shoot, you pulled on the cord a little and the first band would shoot, and the rest were ready for the next shot, and so on.
Townsend and I were playing, and it was my turn to hunt him. I was slipping along the side of the house and when I got to the corner Townsend jumped out and shot me right in the face. Boy, it really hurt and after I recovered, it was Townsend’s time to hunt me.

I ran around the back of the house, and climbed up on the wall that went around the house. I ran along the top of the wall until I got to Dr. Dunn’s big trees that hung over our wall. I climbed up the tree, and sat on a big limb that stretched over our wall by several feet and was about six feet above the wall. In a few minutes Townsend shows up creeping along the top of the same wall looking all around at the ground trying to find me. He got almost to me when he looked up and saw me. At that moment I had my machine gun pointed at him, and I pulled hard on the cord and all six rubber bands flew off and hit Townsend full in the face.
With that, darn if he didn’t fall off the wall into our yard below. Well, he was screaming like I had shot his head off and his mother, Vida, comes running around the house. She always spoiled Townsend something terrible and was hollering, “My baby, My BABY”. Mom is right behind her and I am trying to decide whether to stay up in the tree or break and run.

Townsend keeps telling her,” George did it, he made me fall off the wall.” Vida starts yelling at Mom, what is she going to do about me. Mom takes offense at that and it escalates from there. Townsend recovers enough to point me out up in the tree and I complain that Townsend shot me first. I was sent to my room, but this did not help the argument between Vida and my mother. It took several months for Vida and Mom to start speaking again.