Charlotte on snowmobile

In January 2005 Charlotte and I decided we had recovered enough financially and we retired again on my 80th birthday. It had taken 15 years of steady work but we had finally recovered from being broke. Charlotte worked every bit as hard-if not harder-than I did for of those 15 years. She always did pull more than her half of the load. We had several developers ask us to market their subdivision after we decided to retire but we respectfully declined.

George looking off in the distance to who knows what

We celebrated my 80th birthday with a trip to Yellowstone Park with Bob and Nina Beazley. Bob paid for part of the trip as a birthday present. We spent a week riding snowmobiles through the park and in part of the mountains of Idaho. I had a blast. Charlotte was not too sure; she kept pounding on my back to slow down. They had a governor on the snowmobiles that would not let us go over 55 mph. We rode all over Yellowstone. They did not allow autos or trucks in the park in January when we were there. That left the roads wide open, but as I said, we could only go 55. We would have to stop every once in a while for the bison herds to get out of the way. We saw moose, wolf and many geysers. The men took off on their own snowmobile tour of Yellowstone one morning and we rode all day completely around the park. I think we rode about thirty-five or forty miles that day. We stayed in Yellowstone lodge and had a really marvelous time.