Our 1928 Ford Coupe

In our new house, I had a three-car garage and a shop area that was wonderful. I loved antique autos and was an avid member of the Ford V8 club. We met regularly and drove our antique autos to the meetings. Sometimes the old car would be temperamental.

Charlotte and I discussed the antique car situation and she said she was not very comfortable riding in our 1928 Sport Coupe. I asked her if I got a newer automobile would she be more comfortable riding with me. She said yes (she should have suggested that I define “newer”). I immediately started looking around for what I could find.

1953 Ford Crown Victoria

After several months of checking out and rejecting a number of prospects, we selected a 1953 Ford Victoria. This was a model that was referred to as a hard-top convertible as the top did not convert but it looked like a convertible. It was the last year Ford made the flat head V8 and also was the latest vehicle year that was accepted in the Early Ford V8 Club of America.