Entrance to Highland Springs

We quickly made a lot of new friends and got involved with the activities at Highland Springs. One reason we decided to make the move when we did was to get our selection of apartments in the new building. Highland Springs had just completed a new additional building and we were one of the first to select an apartment. Charlotte wanted to be on the ground floor and have an outdoor patio facing east.

We joined the garden club; the greenhouse group and we had three garden plots out back where we planted vegetables. The professional greenhouse was about 30 yards from our patio. I joined the Genealogy club and started teaching a bible class every Tuesday. We started a Native Texans club and I was the first President. It met once a month and had about 60 members. I also started giving a one-hour lecture once a month on Texas History.

Grounds at Highland Springs

We continued as members of the model A Ford club and the Early Ford V-8 club. We had meetings of the V-8 club about twice a month, once to the business meeting and once to a morning breakfast that is just a social get together. We would usually drive the Vicky to these meetings.

Photo of Highland Springs found here.

Photo of Highland Springs campus found here. Thank you, Fern!