Tom and Pam invited Charlotte and me to go to Snow Mass in Colorado with them in 2007. Most of their family came along. We had such a great time. Taylor picked us up, carried all our bags and rented a car in Aspen to take us up to Snow Mass. We were treated like royalty!! We really appreciated all the special treatment. We had a lot of wonderful one on one time with a number of the family members. It was a perfect short vacation.

The day we signed the papers for Highland Springs

In June, 2006 Charlotte and I had made the decision that ultimately we would move into a retirement community closer to the rest of the family. We had researched all the possible facilities during 2006, 2007 and early 2008 and had decided that Highland Springs in Dallas was by far the best option. We were convinced that we would never be “ready to make that kind of a move” but we also knew our hearts should not overrule our good judgment.

In 2008 I was in Medical City Hospital for 28 days and Charlotte spent 28 nights on a couch in my room. After I was back home recovering, Charlotte and I decided that even though we did not want to go, we knew the time had come. In June, 2008 we sold our Cattle Baron house in Heritage that we loved and moved into Highland Springs, at the corner of Coit Rd and George Bush Tollway in Dallas.