Charlotte was never completely happy with our house on Camino Real. She said we had no dining room so in 1994 I put an addition on the house adding a nice dining room with big windows on three sides. Charlotte said our kitchen was out of date. We then gutted the kitchen, put in all new counters, appliances and drain boards. We even put a big greenhouse window in place of the little window that had been over the sink. We repainted and added new florescent lights in the ceiling and under all the cabinets. We then re-carpeted the house and painted the other rooms. I was fighting a losing battle but didn’t realize it at the time.

Just a year later we sold a lot in Oakwood to Tom’s legal assistant, Kelly, and her attorney husband. She told Charlotte that she was conflicted about buying a lot in Oakwood Estates because she wanted to put her children in the schools in Fairview. She said the school district would not allow her kids to enter unless they lived in Fairview.

4401 San Mateo

Charlotte said, “Why don’t you just rent our house for the year that you will be building yours?” Once she came out and looked at Camino, Kelly just loved it and rented it on the spot. I came in after work; fat, dumb, happy and completely ignorant of all these two had been plotting. Charlotte announced, “I rented the house to Kelly.” I have no idea what I said then but I am sure it was not very appropriate. The next day I got busy and found us a little house to move into. It was located at 4401 San Mateo in McKinney and had three bedrooms and a nice fenced yard. It had a rear entry garage and a big fireplace.

We planned to be there until I could build us a home in Oakwood. It turned out we stayed there about five years but we were very comfortable living there.