It was during this time when we were building the new house that we had an experience that restored our faith in human nature. Charlotte had been getting tile samples at several tile places and all of a sudden she realized she had lost her wallet. She called me in tears and frantic. I reassured her and asked her to come on home and everything would be all right.

Rockwork in the St. James house kitchen

About the time she arrived home I was talking with the Hispanic foreman that was doing the rock work on the house. My cell phone began to ring and there was a man on the other end speaking Spanish. I handed the phone to the foreman and he took the call. The man on the other end said he had Charlotte’s wallet.

The foreman gave me directions to go to the man’s home. It turned out it was down in one of the roughest parts of Dallas. The apartment house was full of junk cars and unfriendly looking hombres watching us. I drove in and found the apt. The man who had called was standing out in front of it holding a baby and waving to us. It was obvious to anyone we did not belong there. We parked and went in. It was a one-bed room apt and he, his wife, three children and his wife’s mother lived there. He gave Charlotte her wallet and he was quite moved when she gave him a big hug.

He said he found it in the middle of the street near one of those tile places she had visited. She then remembered she had left it on top of the car when she was getting tile samples out. I did not look in the wallet but had money in mine. I offered him a reward but he would not take it. Charlotte tried to give it to his wife but she would not take it. After visiting a little we left but as I closed the apt door I dropped a $100.00 bill on the table. Isn’t that a great story about honesty and moral integrity? They were obviously so poor and needy and yet they would not take a dollar for doing something they thought was the right thing to do. After we were in the car Charlotte checked her wallet and the $200.00 was still in there untouched.