Cabin in Creed, CO

In January of 2001 we went to Creede, Colorado with Bob and Nina Beazley and had a great time there. Bob’s grandfather had built a cabin and now four generations have used it every year. In an interesting sidelight, Susie and Bruce attended a Bible Study in Seattle and discovered that one of the members grew up on the land just behind the Beazley’s cabin.

A group of Dallas Model A club members planned a trip to Costa Rica in 2002 and we joined them. Charlie Viosca and his wife Felicia, who was originally from Costa Rica, organized it. Charlie had been a pilot for the Costa Rican Air Line for a number of years. Alice and Winn joined us for the trip. We had a great ten-day tour of that country starting with the Caribbean side and sightseeing several days to the Pacific side of the country. It is a beautiful country with gorgeous flowers, rain forest, unique villages and beaches. We stayed in native huts, rode cables above the rain forest, and explored sugar cane farms, coffee plantations and beautiful beaches.

An associate of Tom’s, Bill Gilligan, was developing a subdivision in the little town of Lucas near Fairview. He called it Travis Ranch Estates. He asked us to market that subdivision for him, which we did. Several other developers contacted me regarding marketing their subdivisions. Over the next few years we marketed Travis Ranch, Huntwick, Hawkswood, Rivers Edge, Bridlegate, Spring Hill and Country Ridge.

Photo of Costa Rica waterfall found here.

Aerial of Travis Ranch found here.