Aerial photo of woods in Oakwood Estates

In 1993 our two sons Chip and Tom were developing an upscale subdivision in Fairview and they asked me to help them sell lots to builders. Charlotte had been working for Chip during this time and had been showing lots to prospective buyers. I sold a lot or two and Tom asked if Charlotte and I would take over the management of the subdivision and market the lots. I talked with Paul and told him it was time for me to go. I was ready to sell my interest in the business to him. He thought it over for a few days and said that he did not want the business if I was not there.


Wooded homesite in Oakwood Estates

I was disappointed but we finally sold the business to two of our agents, a man and his wife. He had retired from Arco Oil and wanted to have his own business. Paul and I financed part of the purchase price for the buyers; they paid on the note for about two years and then defaulted on the note. The business declined after I left when a number of the better agents found other brokers. It just did not work out for the buyers and they sold out to another C-21 franchise after only two and a half years of effort on their part.

Charlotte and I opened an office in one of the builder’s model homes in Oakwood Estates and began to sell lots full time. Over the next five years, we sold 156 lots and the subdivision is a showplace till this day. It was a testimony to the foresight and expertise of Chip and Tom who did a great job of creating this jewel. The first lots we sold at about $60,000 and the last lots we sold at $225,000. That’s quite a difference, but the demand for the lots continued to increase over time.

Aerial of Oakwood found here.

Photo of wooded homesite found here.