Cabin in Maine

In October 1996 we went to visit our friends in Boston. They had a log cabin up in Maine on a beautiful lake, way back in the woods. We continued to spend each fall on a trip to Maine to enjoy the turning of the leaves. I used to get up early, get my hot coffee and go down to the lake. I would sit on a big rock and listen to the cry of the Loons.

The “Reverend” George Field was a surprise to me.

In March of 1997 I got a call from our dear friend Mary Bray in Clarendon, Texas. Her husband and our special friend, Goodwin, had passed away. She said that she and Goodwin had discussed it before he died and they wanted me to conduct the funeral service to be held at Restland Funeral Home in Dallas.

Of course I said yes even though it was going to be a first time experience for me. The service was scheduled for March 27 and I spent many hours preparing. I spent some time with my pastor and he gave me a lot of help. I carefully wrote out the entire service and read and reread it so I would not have any notes when it came time for the service. It was time well spent and rewarding for me when their son David came up to me after the service and said, “George, it could not have been better, it was perfect”.