Downtown Santa Fe

In September 1999, we met our good friends, Tom and Elizabeth Munroe, in Santa Fe for a visit. We stayed at the Bishop’s Lodge. After a restful night and a good visit with the Munroe’s, we shopped Santa Fe for a while we then went on to Taos and stayed at a beautiful Ranch Bed and Breakfast. We spent a day enjoying Taos then we returned to the ranch. The next day we drove back to Santa Fe and Albuquerque. The girls shopped Old Town Albuquerque until Tom and I had to drag them away because we had to drive to our reservations in Lubbock, Texas that night. We drove almost non-stop arriving in Lubbock about 11 PM.

Mountains outside Santa Fe, NM

Tom and I went in to register for our rooms and went back and found both the girls in our van. We had left our favorite tape playing and Elizabeth just loved it. Well, Tom and I joined them and we broke out the wine, crackers and cheese again. Would you believe we sat there and listened to music and talked until 3 AM when we finally went into the hotel for the night? The next morning we slept a little late and went over to visit with Mary Bray, Goodwin’s wife, before heading for our respective homes. Tom and Elizabeth headed for Boerne and Charlotte and I to McKinney.

Photo of Santa Fe found here.

Photo of Santa Fe mountains found here.