One of Charlotte’s flower beds.

Charlotte and I finally built a home in 2000 on St James Street in Oakwood. We had two acres that we enjoyed very much. We had been working on the floor plan for many years and hired an architect to polish up our rough drawings. It took me about eight months to build it. I was on the job pretty much all day every day for eight months. I was there checking the square of the forms for the slab and measuring the depth of the ditches for the foundation beams until that final touch up done by the finish painter eight months later.

Yes, we have no trees

We moved into our new home on May 30, 2001. We planted over 300 trees on the two acres because when we bought the lot, it did not even have a bush on it, much less a tree. Starting soon after we moved in, Charlotte was spending about six hours a day getting the yard landscaped. Her work paid off and we had the most beautiful yard in Oakwood. More than once we had people park their cars and ask Charlotte if they could walk through her gardens. One lady brought her daughter over and asked if she could take pictures of he daughter in the garden.

Rain Collection System

We also had a big vegetable garden that was my department but we both worked in it. We had baskets full of vegetables to eat and share with family and friends. I designed a rainwater collection system for our new house in Oakwood. I collected rainwater off the roof and stored it in big tanks for later use. We watered the entire yard as well as the big garden from this 13,000-gallon storage system.