We had a real scare in 2000. Charlotte was driving south on Central Expressway and as she navigated the exit to George Bush Turnpike a car shot into her lane and drove her and the Lincoln right into the concrete barrier. The air bags exploded and Charlotte thought the car was on fire. She could barely force the driver door open to bail out of the car. The car was a mess, a total loss but miracle of miracles Charlotte was unhurt. I truly feel that her personal angel was riding with her that day. She called me on the cell phone and when I got to the area, traffic was at a standstill all the way back to Parker Road.

The aftermath

I had to get to her so I turned on my flashing lights and got on the shoulder and made it all the way up to the wreck. After I assured myself that she was ok, I began to breathe again. I started unloading her car and calling a tow. She had several boxes of tile samples for the house in the back and every single tile was broken. We found the glasses she had been wearing on the far side of the back seat. We were so grateful she was unhurt that the loss of the car was not important.

As you can see from the photo, Charlotte always was one who figured that any job worth doing was worth doing well.