In 1989 I learned that, although I could probably do anything, I couldn’t do everything. I cannot believe how I had allowed myself to be so overloaded.

I became more involved with church administration. I was the Lay Leader of our Church; I met with the pastor every Wednesday Morning for breakfast and discussed needs of the church and its members.


I was chairman or member of the:

  • Pastor Parish committee
  • Education Committee
  • Church finance committee
  • Church Administrative Board
  • District Council for Lay Ministry

I was an active Lay Speaker preaching at Country Churches almost every Sunday.

I became the Conference director of Lay Speaking for the Dallas Conference.

I taught the evening Disciple Bible Class every Thursday night at 7 PM.

I taught the Sunday morning Fellowship Class.

In addition, I was involved in many non-church activities. I was on the boards of Habitat for Humanity and the McKinney Chamber of Commerce and its Business Development Committee

I met every Monday morning for breakfast with two partners in Real Estate business for planning and action items and conducted a sales meeting each Thursday for our 18 Real Estate sales people.

1989 was the year I learned that you have to be strategic in your choices. Otherwise, the urgent things can take all your time and effort away from the important things. Being busy and being productive are two different things.

Photo of First Methodist McKinney found here.