Tom and Pam invited us to go to South Padre with them in 1992. We went several times and had some really wonderful times there with them and their family. We usually were able to get some fishing in along with lots of time just hanging out and enjoying being with their wonderful family.

We also fished some at Lake Texoma. Chip organized a fishing trip for all three of his kids and included me. We fished with a fishing guide by the name of Yari Schreibvogel. We had a great day fishing and returned to Yari’s boat house where he cleaned about 60 fish we had caught. Mary Margaret wasn’t finished fishing and Yari set her up with a line inside the boathouse where the catfish were literally boiling in the water as Yari threw the waste into the water as he cleaned. Mary Margaret was sitting on an overturned 5 gal can watching her line.

All of a sudden Yari reached up on the wall and took a sawed off shotgun down, swung around and shot into the water directly below Mary Margaret. Her mouth dropped open and her eyes were as big as saucers. He had shot a snake that was swimming directly below where Mary Margaret was sitting. The noise of that shotgun going off inside that tin boathouse was absolutely deafening. We were all shook up but no one as bad as Mary Margaret!