I had sold Early Texas Homes to a person who then defaulted on her note to me. In 1991 I worked out a deal to use one of the Model Homes for an office. I gave her monthly credit on what she owed me instead of paying rent to her. We had an old oak desk and some furniture that I brought from home and, we set up a Real Estate office in the Log Cabin Model Home. I got an extension off of the Early Texas telephone for a phone in our office. We put a sign out front on a windmill I had previously installed that said: “Land for Sale” and we were in business.

I had friends in the Real Estate business that were still hanging on and had Real Estate notes for sale. I began to broker those notes to banks, insurance companies and individual investors. I sold a lot of notes, which helped my friends and were wonderful investments for the buyers. I sold hundreds of thousands of dollars of notes with me taking a 4-5% commission. We survived on this until I started making a few land sales.

With everything going on in our lives and starting over from scratch financially, I finally had to give up my Lay Speaking work. I could no longer fill in at the country churches when the pastor was not able to be there. I had been the Conference director of Lay Speaking as well as a Lay Speaker instructor for several years. The Lay Speaker group in our District was four times larger that it had ever been, so they were able to take over without a ripple.