1985 was a special year for me. The girls, Elisha and Becky, wanted me to come to Seattle to baptize them. I agreed, and the baptism was by total immersion. This was the first time I had done this, and I was apprehensive, because I had always looked to the ordained to perform this sacrament. We got them both baptized, though I stumbled over my words.

Cruising the San Juans

We spent most of our Christmases in Seattle with Bruce, Susie and the girls during the eighties and nineties. One of our favorite places to go when we were up there was the San Juan Islands. We usually took the ferry out of Anacortes, WA and took the slower mail ferry that stopped at most of the islands. We would stop and get off at Friday Harbor and shop and eat and in the evening would re-board and return to Anacortes.

Another favorite spot was Leavenworth, Washington up in the Cascade Mountains.  We would stay at Kahler Glen and do cross country skiing from there. Leavenworth at Christmas was a really special place with lots of snow and Christmas lights everywhere. Also they had Christmas carols and songs coming over loudspeakers all over town. It created a really magic atmosphere that was wonderful.