In 1984 we continued to become more active at the church. I was elected Lay Leader of our church. I also became interested in the Lay Speaking program of the Church. I took the training and became a certified Lay Speaker. Many of the smaller churches in the rural area had one Pastor for three churches. Our job as Lay Speakers was to fill in at the church the Pastor could not cover on Sunday. Perhaps the Pastor would preach at one church at nine and another at eleven and I would preach at the third one.

Country church

I enjoyed preaching, having the opportunity to bring God’s word to others and continued filling in for the next ten years. I also covered the Pastor when he was sick or on vacation. After a couple of years, I became an instructor in Lay Speaking. It was about a ten-week course and, we would take video of the new speakers and would then critique their sermon. I later became District director of Lay Speaking for the Sherman-McKinney District and later Conference Director for Dallas and North Texas

This was also the year that a Broker brought a contract to buy the farm from us. I did not have any intention of selling, so I turned it down. He kept coming back, each time with a better offer. Charlotte and I had hired an engineer to layout a possible development of our land but when I put the pencil to it he was offering us more money than we could have made developing the place. We finally accepted a $12,500 per acre offer. Considering we paid $400 per acre originally for the farm, we felt we did the right thing selling it. The buyers were from Tokyo and let us continue living there for about two years.

Charlotte had reluctantly moved to the country with me but after the first year she said she loved it and would never move back to town. She shed a lot of tears when we left the farm.

Photo of country church found here.