I went to the Denton Texas A&M research facility and had several of our cows bred to their Buffalo bull. About six months later there was a “Beefalo” sale at Grand Island, Nebraska. I loaded up about four bred cows and left for the sale. My cattle sold right away for a good price and during the sale I was sitting next to a man from San Antonio who had originated “Church’s Fried Chicken.” We visited a lot during the sale and had lunch together. At lunch he mentioned that he had bought about twenty head of cattle and would have to find a trucker to haul his cattle to Texas.

I told him I was going back to Texas with an empty trailer and would be glad to haul about ten of his cows to his ranch north of San Antonio. He was delighted, of course, and after the sale they finally loaded me out at about midnight. I had been waiting all evening to get started and had spent time talking to several others that had volunteered to haul Church’s cattle. I was loaded out first and we agreed to meet about daylight at Gainesville at the truck stop just inside the Texas line for breakfast.

Since I was loaded first I took off for Texas with my load. I crossed the line into Kansas about 2 AM and continued to roll on through the night to the Oklahoma line. I was rocking and rolling about 70 mph as I crossed into Oklahoma at about 3:30 or 4:00AM headed south for Texas. I pulled into the Gainesville truck stop about daylight and parked to wait my fellow truckers arrival. After an hour or so I dropped off to sleep to be awakened by a knocking on my window by one of the fellow truckers.

We went into breakfast and I realized it was several hours since I had arrived. I said, “Where in the heck have y’all been, I have been here for over three hours?” They responded, “When we pulled into the highway patrol/agriculture station upon entering Oklahoma to get clearance to enter the state they checked all our papers and the brand on every cow. We were there for two hours before they would let us through.” I had to admit I had totally forgotten to stop and had just barreled on through. Oh well I guess my luck was with me again! After breakfast we all traveled in tandem and delivered Church’s cattle to his ranch on Hwy 46 between New Braunfels and Boerne in Comal county north Of San Antonio.