Lake Texoma

In 1982 we bought a little brick home on Lake Texoma overlooking the lake. Charlotte and I could leave work at 5:30 or 6:00 and be on the lake in 45 minutes. We had a little 24′ Cruiser in a slip at Eisenhower State Park that we named the “Jus-Rite.” Eisenhower was right next to the house. We could leave the lake house and be in the boat on the lake in about 15 minutes. It was real convenient, and we had many, many enjoyable hours on the water. Charlotte would fix a picnic for us and, we would go out on the lake about dark and anchor in the middle (if there was no wind) and have our dinner and watch the moon rise over the lake.

Charlotte held the record for the biggest fish caught in the family. We were cruising along the dam one night about eleven in 90′ water. I had the deep downriggers hooked up and, Charlotte was at the back of the boat, which had a seat all the way across the back. I was relaxed up forward steering the boat. We had the stereo on with good music and all of a sudden she started hollering, “I’m hung up stop the boat!” I backed it down a little and went back to free her line. When I took her pole it started dancing all over the place. I told her she was hung up all right-with a really big fish! She didn’t want to take the pole back but I insisted she land her own fish.

It took about twenty minutes. She would get the fish up by the boat and it would see it and make another run until I was afraid she was going to run out of line. She finally got him up to the boat about the fourth time, and I grabbed the net to haul him into the boat. When I leaned over the side he rolled over and, I saw she had a fish that would never fit into my big net. I finally got his tail in the net and grabbed him in the mouth with my thumb and hauled him in. He was huge, about 13 or 14 pounds. Charlotte was hard to live with after that with comments such as, if I wanted any help catching the REALLY big fish she would be glad to help me learn how

Famous Fishing Guide

The sequel to this story is that the very next weekend Alice and Winn were at the Lake House for the weekend and we were relating this story of the big fish. Alice asked,” why don’t you ever take us out to catch fish like that. We never catch anything?” I said get ready, we will go out tonight. Well would you believe it, we were trolling along the dam at about ten o’clock, and Alice was in the back of the boat. As we passed the very spot Charlotte had caught that whopper, Alice hollered, “I’ve got something!” She worked the fish for about 15 minutes and when I got it into the boat it was a twin of Charlotte’s. From that day to this Alice insists I am the greatest fish guide ever.

Photo of Lake Texoma found here