Talking about Jessie reminds me of another case of bad judgment on my part. My neighbor just west of Jessie’s house was an old Geezer that lived in a trailer on about five acres that joined me at my west fence line. He had a sorry bull that was about ¼ Jersey, ¼ Holstein and ½ nuthin. That bull had a habit of breaking through the fence between us and trying to breed my registered Charloais cows. I was selling my heifers for about $1800 and my bulls for about $1200 at that time. If he bred one of my cows that calf would bring about $500 at the most.

Each time he showed up in my pasture, Jessie would pen him and feed him till Geezer was at home and then Jessie would load the bull up and take him home. I told Jessie to go down and rebuild the fence between Geezer and us so an elephant couldn’t get through it. Jessie reported back he put in extra posts and two extra wires and the job was done. About two weeks later two of our cows came in (ready to breed) and his sorry bull showed up in my pasture. I called Geezer again and told him if I had to catch his bull and pen him up one more time I was going to load him up and take him to the sale barn. The Geezer said he was so sorry and he would keep his bull at home.

Well, about two weeks later a couple more of our cows were in and I had told Jessie to watch for that bull whenever that happened. Sure enough here comes his bull. Jessie and his boys ran the bull up into our pens and then called me. I told Jessie to take him to the sale barn. Jessie did and I called and gave the barn the address to send the check to Geezer. A little later, I began to reflect on this whole incident. That fence was strong. We had made sure of that by rebuilding it. The Geezer did not have a trailer and he only had two cows, both bred. DANG! I have been out maneuvered again! That slick old guy did not have a trailer and no money to hire anyone to take his bull to the sale barn, and I just did it for free! I guess that Geezer was not as dumb as I thought he was!