Susie and Bruce gave us round-trip tickets to Hawaii. We had been working 24-7, 365 days a year for about five years and you can imagine how much we looked forward to the trip. We decided to go in April before the big tourist season. We left DFW for about an eight hours flight and landed at Kahului Airport on Maui. After renting a car we headed for our accommodations at the Napili Kai Beach Club near Lahaina. After a great seafood supper at Lahaina we were early to bed after a long day. We woke up with a bird sitting on our open windowsill singing his heart out. Welcome to Hawaii! At about ten we heard the distinctive sound of a conch horn being blown. We had been alerted that this was the signal for everyone to assemble at the pavilion down on the beach. When we arrived at the beach there were about thirty people greeting each other with hugs and laughter. They explained that many of them had been coming there for as long a thirty years and a lot of them had just arrived the night before when we did. We enjoyed Danish Rolls and juices and had a great visit with many new friends.

We left and headed down to Waimea where we boarded our helicopter for a sightseeing trip around the island. We strapped ourselves in and put on headphones that had beautiful Hawaiian music playing. We took off and the pilot kept up a steady description of all the sights as we flew around the island. We flew right down the infamous treacherous road to Hana. As we looked down at the cars winding back and forth the pilot told us it would take about five or six hours to drive what we flew in about fifteen minutes. We flew over Hana and the Charles Lindbergh home and climbed up to the top of Haleakala volcano. After flying over the lip he dropped down inside the crater of the volcano, which was quite an experience. We flew around in the volcano and then climbed back out over the top and returned to the heliport.

Photo of Napili Kai found here.

Photo of Haleakala crater found here.