The next day we drove completely around the island stopping at the Kaanapali Hotel for lunch. That evening we decided to take the evening cruse and dinner out of Lahaina. We boarded with about thirty other tourists, all strangers and pretty quiet and sitting still waiting for the crew to cast off from the dock and hoist the sails. As soon as we were under way several hula girls passed around with pitchers of a fruit drink they called Mi Ties. (Mai Tai: loosely from the Tahitian for good or very good. Indeed.) Mostly orange and pineapple juice I think.

As we sailed along they served dinner and also every time your glass got about half empty those nice girls would come by with their pitchers of that fruit drink. After eating everyone seemed to loosen up and they brought out guitars and ukuleles and asked us all to sing along. As we were singing those young ladies would come by with their pitchers and fill everyone’s glass again. This went on for about three hours and by this time it was nighttime but a beautiful full moon came up. As we approached the home dock the ladies were still filling our half empty glasses with that delicious fruit drink and every one was singing. (Not too good, but plenty loud. They probably heard us coming while we were still out at sea. )

We disembarked and headed to a club in Lahaina near the famous banyan tree that was planted in 1873 and covers a city block. We spent the rest of the evening singing and enjoying the company of a Doctor and his wife from Chicago and a couple from Ohio as well as others. We finally headed for Napili Kai. It was late but still before daylight. When we woke up at about eleven the next morning my head had grown all out of shape and I had a throbbing headache. I think I must have been allergic to all that Pineapple juice.

We wanted to stay on Maui but had plane tickets to Kauai that afternoon.

Photo of Lahaina harbor found here. 
Photo of Mai Tai found here.

Photo of banyan tree found here.