We landed at Lihue airport on Kauai and after renting a car headed for our reserved quarters. The hotel had apparently been featured in several Hollywood movies. The next morning we again took off in a helicopter to fly around the island. We went south first to an area that looked like Death Valley and the Grand Canyon. We could not believe it because the island is known as “The Garden Isle” and is home to the greatest rainfall in the world averaging 460 inches annually! Soon we passed over a mountain and over the other side it was the most luscious jungle you can imagine! What a contrast.

As we flew we came the huge Wailua waterfall that fell over a cliff for hundreds of feet. The pilot started at the foot of the falls and then went up like an elevator to the top where he set down near the top of the falls. He had us get out and he spread a tablecloth, broke out champagne, bread and some crackers and cheese. We had a great picnic right there where we could hear the roar of the falls and look out over the jungle. We then took off and flew down right over the ocean along the beach where they filmed South Pacific.

The next day was Sunday and we went in search of a church and found one at Poipu Beach. We just went in and sat down, little did we know but they were celebrating their 100th anniversary and the vesting Bishop was to speak. The last time I had been in the islands I was on my way to fight the Japanese in WWII. Guess what: when the Bishop rose to speak in this church he was Japanese! It was a very weird feeling. After the service many of the native members insisted we join them next door at a school cafeteria for a Luau. We did and it was fun but I did not like the poi. It was so bad but I ate it with a painful smile. I probably looked like I was having a gas pain!

Photo of Waimea Canyon, Kauai found here.

Photo of Wailua Falls found here.