One time in January the weather turned really cold. That night the forecast was for 12 degrees and snow. I went to the barn, and got a couple of bales of hay to make Sebastian a warm bed inside his doghouse in the back of the house. Sure enough, we had a big snow that night and when I got up at early dawn, I stepped out on the back porch while my coffee was brewing. Gosh it was cold and biting with a stiff wind out of the North. I hesitated to call Sebastian because, I did not want him to get out of his warm house, but I was worried about him so I called out,” Sebastian.” Well, this mound of snow started moving and right out in the middle of the back yard in the snow, Sebastian raises his head and looks at me. Then he jumps up, shakes the snow off, and comes trotting over to greet me. He had spent the night out in the snow ignoring his warm doghouse. I guess he was not comfortable with all that hay in his house!

One night we were sitting on the back porch at the farm and, Sebastian started barking up a storm. We looked down at the east end of the porch, and there was a skunk up in Sebastian’s food bowl eating.

He would get closer and closer to the skunk until the skunk’s tail would pop up, and then Sebastian would leap back away from him. Finally the skunk had enough, and slowly walked off the porch and into the night. Two nights later, we are again sitting on the porch before going to bed, and Sebastian came racing around the east corner of the house and slides up to his food bowl. He takes his bowl in his mouth and trots around the west end of the house. Immediately Mr. Skunk shows up for his nightly dinner, but there is no food bowl waiting for him! Sebastian was not going to let that happen again!

We did have other dogs but none were as sharp and had the personality of Sebastian. You know, you have a lot of dogs in your life but if you are lucky you may have one or two in a lifetime that are really special, that was our buddy Sebastian.

Photo of skunk found here.