Anna, Texas

After the Luau we wandered down to a tiny strip center in the middle of nowhere. While Charlotte window-shopped I drifted down to what turned out to be an ATM. I pulled out my card from The First National Bank of Anna, Texas and tried it, just for fun, to see what would happen. My little bank was in a town of about 850 total population. As soon as my card was in the screen said, “Welcome George Field.” I could not believe it but I drew out a hundred dollars to see if it worked and it did, just like a charm. This was utterly amazing in the late ‘70s.

The next morning we flew to Oahu and spent a day driving all over the entire island. Charlotte bought about ten orchids and when I ask how we were going to get them home she advised me she would hold them in her lap, and she did, all the way home for eight hours. As we flew over the water on an overnight flight I was watching out the window and out of the total blackness there was a glow in the East. Soon I realized it was California and we were passing over land again with all the lights of Los Angles below us. By the time we reached DFW the sun was up and we were home again after a trip we neither would ever forget.

Statistic on Anna, TX population found here.

Historical photo of Anna, TX found here.

Photo of orchids found here.