I had been buying Charolais cattle off and on whenever I found some good cattle at a fair price. A man had a small herd of about 25 Charolais for sale in Princeton and I went over to take a look at them. The owner was sick and told me to go on down into the pasture to look them over. They looked pretty good, except for one “high-headed” cow that was spooky with a wild look in her eye. She threw her head up and trotted off into the woods when I approached the herd. The rest of the cattle soon followed her. I went back up to the house and told the man I would buy his herd but I did not want that “high-headed” cow. He said that he would not sell unless I took them all. I said, “Sorry, no deal. If you change your mind here is my card.”

I was at my friend Bill Sportsman’s office about two weeks later. He told me that he had a lease on a place on Sister Grove Creek northwest of Blue Ridge. He said he needed to get “shed” of it and he wanted to do a “walk out” deal. In a “walk out” deal you sold everything on your place and just walked out and left everything in place, taking nothing with you. I told him I would look at it, which I did a few days later. The place was good and fit my needs. It had a nice little farmhouse for Jessie and his family. There was a tractor, a baler and a hay rake, which I needed, and lots of grass for the cows. His cattle were in good shape and mostly with calves by their sides.

A few days later I told Bill I was interested in taking his deal and he said, “Oh by the way I added a few cows but they are nice ones, even better than the ones you saw already. We negotiated a deal and shook on it. I moved Jessie and his family right in but it was about two weeks before I took him a check and drove over to look at my new acquisition. I drove in and started down into the pasture where the cattle were quietly grazing. As I approached one cow threw her head up and galloped off towards Sister Grove’s tree covered bottom, taking the rest of the herd with her. “Where did you come from,” I wondered. I stopped by Bill’s on the way out and asked him where he got that bunch of new cattle. He said, “There was this guy over at Princeton who was sick and had to get rid of his little herd and I bought them from him.”

Photo of spooky cow found here.
Photo of Sister Grove Creek found here.
Photo of running Charolais found here.