It was in 1969 that my boss at SW Bell,  Rusty Dunlap, called me in his office and said I was being transferred to Wichita Falls as the District Traffic Superintendent. He told me not to say anything to anyone else yet because it had not been announced. I immediately got a list of all the offices in the Wichita Falls District and a list of all the management people. I started to research all I could on the side, regarding the condition of the District. I checked their service results for the past year, and decided which offices might need help. In other words, I was preparing myself as best as I could without tipping my hand. A week or so later, the Division head asked me if Rusty had told me about Wichita Falls and I said yes but had asked me to say nothing yet.

About a month later the notice was published, and a friend of mine, Clark Munroe, was announced as the new man in Wichita Falls. Clark was a good man; he was my Assistant Superintendent that I had in Seguin and New Braunfels. I had given him excellent appraisals, but I was devastated and went into see Rusty. He said he was as shocked as I and had called St Louis. It had been changed up there in spite of the fact that my name had gone up with every signature in Texas approving my appointment. I could not blame my Texas guys but I was not a happy camper. My year was up three months later and I placed my second letter of resignation on Rusty’s desk. So that ended my 20 years with Ma Bell.

I think the Lord knew what He was doing. About eight months later, Clark was pressured into firing a Chief Operator, which he did. A month later St Louis told him to rehire her and dressed him down severely for taking the very action they had pressured him to do. Three months later Clark resigned and became President of one of the Frost Banks in San Antonio. The other reason I say this was the Lord’s doing is that for the next 40 years Charlotte and I had the most marvelous life experiences doing so many interesting things that we could never have done had we stayed and worked at the Telephone Company until retirement.

Around Christmas 1969 my partner Bob Hudgins and his family went to New Mexico on vacation. They returned in January, sold their beautiful house in the Park Cities, pulled the kids out of school, and moved to Albuquerque. During the rest of the year, we liquidated all of the property we owned jointly. I still owned the Mini Warehouse and 24 rent houses as well as the 14 unit Apartment on Oram Street.