It was cool Saturday morning on January 24th, 1925 when my 8 wriggling pounds greeted the world from St David’s Hospital in Austin, Texas.  Mom was a college educated school teacher at 22 years old; and Dad who worked as an engineer for the Texas Highway Department was an optimistic 25, born just before the dawn of a new century, the LAST new century, on November 8th, 1899.

My childhood was a simpler time, before jet airplanes, refrigerators, air-conditioning, T V’s, cell phones, automatic transmissions in cars, computers, or space travel. Everyone walked to school and no one under 20 had an automobile, not even in High School. Many families had no car at all. Dads walked to work. Moms generally worked at home.

There were no paved highways in west Texas where we moved when I was very young; and very few bridges over the rivers in Texas. When they were high (rarely) you had to ford the river or just wait.

We were in the middle of what they called “The roaring twenties” and half way between World War I and World War II.  Optimism reigned!  Although Lindberg had not yet flown across the Atlantic in his little Ryan “Sprit of St Louis” we lived in a time when explorers — no I should say ANYONE, could do anything!

The majority of automobiles in America were Model T Fords, which cost $265.00 apiece new.
Other prices were:

  • Electric Toaster $6.75
  • pound of butter .55
  • ½ gallon milk .28
  • 1 Dozen Oranges .57
  • Movie .25
  • Walnut bed with mattress and springs $19.85

Calvin Coolidge was President of our country

Ma Ferguson was sworn in as Governor of Texas (and perhaps sworn at later). Ma and Pa Ferguson ran the state together since he had been impeached and could no longer serve.

An unknown by the name of Hitler founded a political party in Germany.

Walter Chrysler founded his car company simply calling it, Chrysler Corporation.

Movies were silent, no talking movies until 1927, and of course they were only in black and white.

As you can see, I started life in a different time and place that has vastly changed over my lifetime. It was a simpler time and not as complicated as today, but was it better?

As kids. we did not have to contend with weird adults and their weird ideas of right-and-wrong that the young people of today must do. Nor did we have the distractions or temptations that inundate us today.  As I say, it was simpler, does that make it better?

Most everyone in America was a Christian and a Bible believer. Children, in general, were very respectful of their elders, especially their parents. Of course there were exceptions but they were few and far between.  Now I must say THAT was better.