Chapter 15 – New Start

Oakwood Estates Trading Places Stand by Me Never Forgotten Land of Enchantment In the Garden Hot Rod Lincoln Take the High Road Small World

Chapter 14 – It’s Only Money

Banking on Buz Church Matters Good Neighbors and Fast Talkers Everything Goes Early Texas Homes Tiger by the Tail Out on a Limb Changing Gears Century 21 Road Trip Poor Planning, Good Times Snake in the Lake

Chapter 13 – The Rare Breed

Parlez Moo Francais? In the Fast Lane Hell’s Bales Unfriendly Persuasion Bully for You Walk the Talk Before the Crash Fish Tales Movin’ On Lemmings on Skis Offer I Couldn’t Refuse Winter Wonderland

Chapter 12 – The Greenhouse Effect

Country Greenhouse Keep on Truckin’ Trust but Verify Where the Big Ferns Grow I’m a Dog, I’m a Working Dog Cold Dog Night The Best and Worst of Times The Ice Storm Cometh On Island Time (Mai) Tai One On Just Another Day in Paradise Aloha ‘Oe

Chapter 11 – Country Roads

New Worlds to Conquer Fruits of Our Labor We’re Having Cows Barn Raisin’ Cattle Call Think Like a Cow The Good, the Bad and the Poultry Spooky Little Cow Pony is as Pony Does